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Monopoly Scenario (prior to August 2008)

Since the creation of Law 8653, in August 7 2008, we passed from a monopoly scheme, where there was only one insurer, and all intermediaries (known as insurance traders) sold the same product, to a scheme where multiple insurance companies offer their products through specialized insurance brokers, which is different from the traditional insurance market, plus we have the Superintendency of Insurance as regulatory entity for the entire sector.

Open Scenario (present day)

At present there are two main types of intermediaries, insurance agents can only legally sell products of a single insurer and insurance brokers that can and should advise clients on all insurance options, regardless of the insurance company, and what is the best.

If you want to learn more about the actual insurance market structure and the available products, we invite you to our download documentation area and find out more about the current status of the market, its authors and expectations.