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Avanto Correduría de Seguros S.A. was licensed on July 2010, by resolution # SGS-R-335-2010, thus becoming the first insurance broker with private equity and Costa Rican partners with more than 30 years of experience in the local insurance market.

This allowed us in September 2010 to officially initiate operations into the new insurance market in Costa Rica, thanks to Law 8653 of August 2008, which allows the introduction of new insurance companies.

As a broker, our office represent the insured at all insurance companies that are duly registered with the Superintendencia General de Seguros (SUGESE) , offering them a comprehensive picture of what is offering in an open market.

There are currently 11 insurance companies nationwide, which together have over 200 products registered. Among the registered companies highlight INS, ASSA compañía de seguros, MAPFRE, Pan American Life, ALICO, Best Meridian Insurance, Seguros Bolívar, ADISA, Seguros del Magisterio, Qualitas y Atlantic Southern Insurance Company.

As insurance brokers, we represent a totally different level of service than the one offered by the former INS insurance agents.

All this information has been taken from the official SUGESE website, where you can check and gather additional information.

As a result of our work, we have achieved a significant improvement in underwriting conditions, rates, deductibles and sub-limits of our clients, both with INS and other insurance companies.

Our clients' portfolio includes mid-size and large companies, including commercial (eg. Mabe, Capris, Filtros JSM –Luberfinder distributor in Central America-), industrial (eg. Gas Zeta, Tropigas, Constructora Van Deer Latt & Jiménez – one of the major construction companies in Costa Rica) and Services areas (eg. BASF, Tommy Hilffiger distributor in Costa Rica).

We constantly seek the opportunity to improve the quality of our service and our clients portfolio, we are sure that we can provide the benefits of brokerage insurance to your operations in Costa Rica. Contact us for more information.