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1. Risk Management:

Not all risks should be insured, the first step we apply on Avanto Correduría de Seguros for proper risk management is to know and understand the characteristics and peculiarities of each risk and determine the best way to deal with it. One of the tools we apply to this objetive is the mapping of risks, so we made sure to buy insurance only for those risks who need them…


Almost certain M M A E E
Likely B M A A E
Possible B M M A A
Unlikely b B M A A
Almost zero b B M M A
  Insignificant Tolerable Moderate Critical Catastrophic


Calificación Acción Descripción de administración
E (Extremely High) Avoid Ensure Extreme operational risk.
Contingency procedures are proposed.
Acquisition of insurance policy or moving control specialized third parties.
A (High) Minimize Ensure Operational Risk High.
Plan required corrective or preventive action.
Acquisition of insurance policy should be consider.
M (Medium) Control Operational Risk Medium.
Allocation of resources to mitigate the associated risk.
B (Low) Monitor Low operational risk.
Responsibility must be specified.
b (Extremely Low Accept Low operational risk.
Responsibility must be specified.

2. Assessment of the insurance options:

In those cases where is necessary to subscribe an insurance contract, is not enough to compare the amount of the premium to determine which is the best… in order to analyze all the determining factors of the insurance options and recommend our clients the one than best suits their needs, Avanto Correduría de Seguros include a detailed analysis of at least the following 5 factors: